İmplamate İmplant Temizleme Küreti



ImplaMate™ Implant Scalers, unlike traditional tools with thick plastic tips, are crafted from the same material as implant abutments. This design ensures they effortlessly glide over all implant abutment surfaces. These scalers feature solid titanium tips that are thin enough to access even the tightest areas yet durable enough to provide effective scaling performance. Moreover, ImplaMate implant scalers eliminate the need for sharpening and can be sterilized using any method, making maintenance hassle-free. NOW AVAILABLE: Our highly sought-after Langer series of area-specific ImplaMate Implant Scalers now come with micro-mini tips: – CEISLN1-2MM – CEISLN3-4MM – CEISLN5-6MM For more information, feel free to contact us today! You can also download the catalog page for more details. Products available include: – CEISN67 – CEIS204S – CEISBH5-6 – CEISN137M – CEISLN1-2 – CEISLN3-4 – CEISLN5-6