EverStick Fiber Post Refil



everStick®POST Diameter 0.9, 10 posts 900828 Diameter 1.2, 10 posts 900829 Diameter 1.5, 10 posts 900830 Individually Formable and Unpolymerised Glass Fibre Post GC everStickPOST is a soft, flexible and unpolymerized glass fibre post which can be individually adapted to the shape of the root canal before light-curing while offering high strength after light curing. By respecting the anatomy of the canal, the risk for root fracture is reduced tremendously. Advantages Fully adaptable to the morphology of the canal in order to maximize the adhesive surface and the strength in the most critical part of the tooth Tooth preserving because canal preparation is not needed to the same degree as with traditional prefabricated posts High flexural strength after light curing Elasticity very similar to the natural elasticity of dentine Adhesive and micromechanical bonding to both composite cement and core composite thanks to the IPN structure Even distribution of occlusal stress on the root structure, reducing the risk of fractures Indications The unique GC everStickPOST is especially suited to fit the morphology of atypical canals such as curved, oval as well as very large root canals.   10 adet post